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Lactation Consultancy

Trouble breastfeeding? Need help to get started or handle a possible problem?

Have many questions but no time and or no energy to research yourself at present? Then we can help. 

We are able to provide you with a highly qualified lactation consultant who has years of experience and training to understand the finer details of breastfeeding that often go undetected if one is doing it for the first time on their own or have just unfortunately ran into a problem that will not apparently fix. 

Bringing you a complete personalised service that we can do for you before your birth and or after if you run into any problems, or when you just very simply need the help and stable correct advice on how to breastfeed so as to be well prepared and confident before your baby arrives. We will have you on your way confidently breastfeeding and or target the problem, therefore provide you with a solution that will suit you and your baby. Contact us today and we will be more than pleased to go over your requirements. 


Our Lactation Consultants Are Trained And Experienced In The Following 


  • Expert and caring feeding support 

  • Correct positioning to suit you and your baby 

  • Mother and baby well being

  • Low supply, over supply, fast let-downs

  • Detecting colic and reflux 

  • Breast pain blockages and mastitis 

  • Mother and baby well being

  • Detecting tongue tie


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