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weaning consultancy

When the time approaches to start weaning your baby it can often be a confusing time. How and exactly when to start the weaning process are the questions all new parents go through. It can sometimes feel that just as you’ve finally settled into a comfortable routine regarding your babies milk feeds that you then observe the signs of your baby needing more sustenance and nutrition than milk feeds alone can provide. Parents all want the best for their children from the day they are born, therefore providing adequate nutrition and the correct gradient of a healthy diet from the very start of the weaning process can reduce the likelihood of health and well being difficulties further on. 


We provide a complete weaning service taking your little one from their very first tastes of solid food through to being able to enjoy full delicious and tasty meals as they are about to enter their toddler years. Our weaning consultant will work with you one to one to establish exactly what is required to start the process with your baby and will answer all of your questions relating to the process. Any particular dietary needs you request from the outset will be taken into consideration and a complete tailor made meal planner from the first tastes onwards can be designed as your guideline for your babies new and delicious journey into solid food. 


The next stage of the consultation is the preparation and cooking of your babies meal plan. At each weaning stage your baby will be tasting different textures, flavours and amounts of food.  As a part of your babies complete meal plan, our consultant baby chef will arrive at your home to prepare and cook your babies meals for the following weeks ahead of each stage of the weaning process. Whether you decide to start with baby rice, purée or the baby-led method, we can provide you with your ideal weaning consultant / baby chef that will make this transition smooth, enjoyable and totally stress free. 


 Our weaning consultants are able to help guide you and your child  in the following



  • To help your child build a healthy relationship and appetite with food

  • When and how to introduce solids 

  • Offering purées or baby led method 

  • What foods best to introduce at each stage 

  • Meal planning

  • Understanding allergenic foods and foods to avoid 

  • How to handle food refusal 

  • Finger Foods 


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