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Baby Concierge 


At Chelsea Night Nannies we are able to provide you with an exclusive baby concierge service. This is a tailor made service designed individually for new parents offering up to date advice, guidelines and direction on exactly what one would be needing and wanting for the arrival of their new baby.


You will be given a trained and qualified practioner who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in caring for newborns as well as the needs of parents before and after the birth of their baby; Our undertanding of what any parent needs for their newborn, is total precision. We are able to take the pressure, confusion and labour of such time consuming tasks off the parents hands, Into our own, then making sure everything is presented to you flawlessly within plenty of time for the arrival of your new baby. 

We can visit you at your home or any particular chosen location that suits you comfortably. The session on the first day covers the three to four stages of preparation and purchase and once completed you will then have a clear and exact idea of what you will be needing and how you want to receive it, knowing that we will be with you every step of the way until you are thoroughly happy and satisfied that all is in place within your home and the only thing left to complete everything, will be the arrival of your little one! 

No task is too big or too small for us in all you require, which is especially designed for you. 


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