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24 Hour Maternity Nurse

The arrival of your newborn can often be a challenging and overwhelming experience. We specialise in being able to help that process extensively by supplying you with an experienced and trained maternity nurse of the highest calibre.


A very supportive service providing you with 24 hour care covering weekdays, weekends and international travel if ever needed. When you hire a maternity nurse from us you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing a highly-trained dedicted professional is helping your little one to not only be feeding regularly for healthy weight gain but to be there to ensure that your baby can begin the transition to sleeping through the night. Whether you are planning to breast feed and or formula feed your little one, your maternity nurse will provide you with the utmost care and gentle flawless guidence every step of the way. All our maternity nurses have the knowledge, ability and the years of experience to be able to recognise the signs of common ailments and can give you appropriate details and advice if needed about how to address such things. Rest assured that our maternity nurses will provide you with such reassurance, help and attention so that you as a family can really start to enjoy quality time with your little one. 


A Maternity Nurses Duties Include 

  • 24 hour care for your newborn 

  • Providing support, care and guidance to parents before and after the birth of your baby 

  • Administering night and day feeds 

  • Ensuring that all mothers are well rested and if requested advice on correct nutrition. 

  • Umbilical and Circumcision care 

  • Sterilisation of all feeding equipment and the preparation of bottles. 

  • Tend to all baby laundry 

  • To assist in attending Drs / hospital appointments if or when required 

  • To Keep a 24 hour journal of feeding and sleeping times

All Our Maternity Nurses Are Trained And Experienced In The Following

  • Establishing a feeding routine that suits you and your baby 

  • Lactation and bottle feeding techniques 

  • Sleep in newborns 

  • Bathing and changing your baby

  • How best to wind your baby thoroughly and spotting the signs of colic 

  • Understanding and handling a baby with reflux


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